About Him and Her

We quit our jobs indefinitely to travel until one of us is sick of it or until we run out of money.  We sold some of our furniture, gave it away and donated the rest.  We stored non-replaceable and pricey possessions back in the Midwest near family.

I, Jenn was born in Chicago and 2011 I packed up and shipped myself out for an adventure to Alaska for a few years.  I promised myself in 2011 that this move will be the beginning of a life full of adventure and travel.   Christian is from Dayton, Ohio and at twenty years old he joined the Coast Guard.  He served ten years in the Coast Guard, the majority of his time in he was stationed on the East Coast and Florida.  His last station he was sent up north to Sitka, Alaska where we luckily found each other and the rest is recent history.

A year and a half ago we left Alaska to start traveling, we ferried the vehicle and ourselves to the mainland and slowly drove down the coast from Seattle to San Diego.  We were in no rush to get to San Diego since we stretched 2000 miles out for three weeks soaking up the Pacific Coast Highway all along the way.  While in San Diego we regathered and relaxed in a tiny beach bungalow a block from the beach for over a year.  It was easy to fall in love with our new temporary home in a  neighborhood called “OB” Ocean Beach where we made great friends.  It was difficult to leave the tiny blue beach house and move just a handful of things into the van-haus.

traveling the americas

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