La Paz, update

We are in La Paz hoping that Hector(local refrigerator repairman) who we met today will be able to help us with our inefficient “cooler.”  He said he will try to build us a new one that will have a compressor in hopes that it will cut the energy it takes by half or more. We will find out if he can help us tomorrow, keep your fingers-crossed for us. After that we need good calm weather to get on the ferry to mainland, apparently women are not allowed to board during swells. If everything goes well; a magician named Hector will build a fabulous fridge that fits and works properly, the wind will die down, the Sea of Cortez remains calm and this woman can board the ferry in theglobetrol.  We will head to the ferry terminal on Sunday to ask to be put on the TMC to Mazatlan for Monday.
Inner thoughts that I have today, when will I get my next warmish shower in a place that has a drain?  Tonight we will take a PVC-shower on the beach in our bathing suits which is exciting because it has been a few days, but I will still dream about a warm one.  I don’t see real shower in our future for at five or six days.  On the upside after almost a month of irregular showering my hair doesn’t really get grimy as fast.
In the meantime its Carnaval La Paz until Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “La Paz, update”

  1. Sounds like your making your way South. I got your address from Danny who’s doing quite well but still weeks (months?) away from returning to work. Stay safe and may this be one of the best trip of your lives.


  2. Hector waved his magic wand and Abera Cadabera, he built us a custome fridge and installed it in about 3 hours. I called the only 2 other shops in all of Baja, both owned bt Americans, and they laughed at me and said there is no way it would happen, they said to go back to San Diego. Amazing, Thank god for Hector and mexican engineering.


    1. Sounds like the travels are going well. Glad to hear it. Stay safe and may this be one of the best trips of your lives. 🙂


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