Baja California Sur

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s been awhile since we have had decent internet in order to update the site.  We’ve been on the road now for over two weeks and life has been great.  Tonight we are in Cabo San Lucas which is at the southern tip of Baja.  We’ve seen great sunsets, sunrises and shooting stars.  We have been traveling with other overlanders most of this trip, and meeting more almost every night.

I love seeing so many different towns but my favorites are the small beach towns, today driving through Cabo was kind of a nightmare.  Cabo so far is my least favorite and I wouldn’t mind skipping all of the tourist traps from here on out.  We just spent a few days camping on the beach with no facilities with a few new friends and had a great time.  In the morning vendors come by the remote free beaches and sell tamales, water, fresh juice, bread and blankets.  Uhh that’s awesome I guess I’m having a tamale and tangerine juice for breakfast before I go swim and do nothing for the rest of the day.  The following day Christian whittled a Hawaiian-sling from a stick and I started weaving a paracord survival pouch for my emergency fishing tin.

The scooter-adventures that we have been able to do is well worth all of the bitching and belly-aching I hear from Christian.  It’s a pain to get it on and off the hitch in order to get to the kitchen every night and it’s a lot of weight in the back.  Sometimes I get to drive the skoot and Christian will sit in back, he’s brave.  Guys in pick-up trucks pass us, honk and give him the thumbs up right before I hit soft sand and almost lose control.

until the next wifi- tgt



4 thoughts on “Baja California Sur”

  1. Love the story about Nick riding on back of scooter.
    The pics are so interesting, takes me back to when your dad & I traveled around Spain.
    Was hoping to see pics of the gray whales. Love you both.


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