Hola, Mexico!

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Our first day, we eventually did make it to where we set out.

After an hour being searched and scanned we headed to the immigration and banjercito offices downtown Tijuana .  We made a wrong turn and ended up in an another hour long line in the US back in border/customs.  We turn around down the way and head to Mexico for a forth time in The Globe Trol.  Turns out that the forth time is the charm.  I asked this time “where did we go wrong, I can’t find these offices.”  The offices were closed, but we were able to get all of our paperwork taken care of right at the border.  Finally a break.   A second break, my cell phone with a new sim card also works.

We arrive at a great spot on a cliff and met another couple who are doing a very similar trip trying to get to Patagonia.  The guys chatted about the vehicles they spent months building and the girls exchange research stories.

I woke up today with only two left shoes at my door.  We put our shoes right outside our door, since there is not a whole lot of room inside the van when the bed is pulled out.  Siete is cute blonde puppy that lives here at Campo 7, who also is known to steal shoes.  I’m walking around today with two left shoes.  Gracias, mucho amor.   -tgt

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