Welcome to TheGlobeTrol.com

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  This site is where we will try to share as much of our Pan-American overlanding adventure as possible.  We started traveling in 2014 out of Sitka, Alaska and plan to head as far south as one can go.  We stopped in San Diego, California for over a year to build an overlanding rig and soak up some sun.  The goal is to drive to Ushuaia, Argentina the most southern city in the Americas.  You can expect heaps of pictures and short stories of our time on the road.  We invite you to  follow us on our unique endeavor as we learn another language, experience copious cultures, explore North and  South America and everything in between.  The Globe Trol is our Astro Van that we converted into a lovely little rolling home (van-haus, casita).   As long as we can find internet we will try to keep updating the site.  Check in on us from time to time.

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