The campground, San Marcos

We took a two hour drive from San Cristobal to get to the chaotic insane small border of Guatemala, after spending four months in Mexico.  The border town was wacky and swamped with vendors leaving us barely enough room to squeeze The Globe Trol through.…

On to Guatemala, it only took 4 months

The Aqueducts

Our dear friends who are traveling faster than us mentioned that the city of Morelia is beeeeeautiful!  With their advice The Globe Trol hastily heads towards the gorgeous city that fell straight out of the 17th century Europe and place perfectly in the middle of…

A tale of two cities, Morelia y Guanajuato.



my second morning

We start the week off at a warm, beautiful place before a long drive to get to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in a tiny town called Jocotepec off of Mexico’s largest lake Chapala.  We had another 7 days or so before the Monarch Butterflies were…

Our Adventure to the Butterflies



Sunset at Isla de Piedra

Things have been anything but dull on the road with The Globe Trol.  Our first week on mainland we spent in Mazatlan with some of our favorite fellow overlanders who we traveled with for about a month and a half.  We feel so lucky to…

Next chapter…Mainland Mexico



Shrimp tacos a la Street.

Everyone loves food!  I would consider ourselves as amature foodies, who also love to cook and creating new drinks.  In our tiny home on wheels we made sure there was enough room for a two burner stove top, sink, full spice rack and the Vitamix.…

Food! Food in Baja…

Researching for a week we found that there’s a man name Hector in La Paz, who works on marine refrigeration.  Christian called every marine store, or refrigeration repairman within all of Baja California Sur.  He called the other two shops owned by Americans and they laughed…

Cheers to Hector, we have a new fridge!

We are in La Paz hoping that Hector(local refrigerator repairman) who we met today will be able to help us with our inefficient “cooler.”  He said he will try to build us a new one that will have a compressor in hopes that it will cut…

La Paz, update




These are from Baja California (the northern half) He tested out the AWD… After Cabo we took a dirt road for an hour to a secret beach thanks to “Here Until There” to meet up with a few Overlander buddies (Travel Amateurs and Kocovnici Kocovni).…

Still in Baja, we could stay forever…




It’s been awhile since we have had decent internet in order to update the site.  We’ve been on the road now for over two weeks and life has been great.  Tonight we are in Cabo San Lucas which is at the southern tip of Baja.…

Baja California Sur




Our first day, we eventually did make it to where we set out. After an hour being searched and scanned we headed to the immigration and banjercito offices downtown Tijuana .  We made a wrong turn and ended up in an another hour long line…

Hola, Mexico!




Our favorite little blue bungalow where our street turns into sand a block from our door. This is the vehicle that we converted from a family mini van into a van-haus (van-house), that will travel from San Diego to South America.  It’s almost finished and…

The vehicle…The Globe Trol


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